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Chandigarh, 3rd February 2018:Chandigarh’s Gerrari Offroaders took the early lead in the JK Tyre Xtreme 4Play, North India’s biggest off-roading competition, after Stage 2 here on Saturday.

Veteran off-roaders Kabir Warcha and Gurmeet Singh Virdi finished the stage in 19 minutes, 41 seconds out of the allotted 25 minutes to jump ahead of the competition.

They were ably assisted by co-drivers Yuvraj Tiwana and Kirpal Singh Tung, as they grappled with the hill climb. Each team had to go up and reach a natural hump after which the climb suddenly became steep, almost toughing 90 degrees. The two cars had to use the winch to complete it which proved to an almost impossible task.

Most of the 15 teams struggled to complete this, with even Gurmeet Virdi's car toppling off. The Gerrari Off-Roaders, however, recovered to stay in the game.

The Gerrari Offroaders had finished joint first with Bangalore Offroad Drivers’ Association (BODA) after Stage 1 to move ahead in the race. Both picked up 90 points to take a comfortable 20-point lead over the field.

BODA were second, after finishing joint second in Stage 2 along with KTM Jeepers of Kerala.

BODA were spearheaded by Siddartha Santosh and Rohith K R, and were ably supported by Prithviraj AC Lokesh Shivaraja.

KTM Jeepers were well served by Sam Kurian and Kurian kurian in the driving seat and Dr Mohame Fahed and Shemmy Mushtafa as their navigators.


Early winners (first three):


Team 1A: Siddartha Santosh + Prithviraj A C;

Team 1B : Lokesh Shivaraja + Rohith K R. 90 points

Gerrari Offroaders

Team 2A: Kabir Warcha + Yuvraj Tiwana

Team 2B : Gurmet Singh Virdi + Kirpal Singh Tung. 90 points.

KTM Jeepers

Team 7A: Sam Kurian + Dr Mohame Fahed VP;

Team 7B: Kurian kurian + Shemmy Mushtafa

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