JK Tyre-FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship

Taking competition head-on has quite a literal meaning when it comes to drag racing. The JK Tyre-FMSCI Indian National Drag Racing Championship was started in 2011 to test the resolve of speed enthusiasts. Two bikes run side-by-side over a 250-metre, straight track, while cars go head-to-head on a similar 400-metre stretch. The event takes place at venues in Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Bangalore, with the champion being decided after five rounds of racing based on the accumulated points. The classes include stock and modified versions of Indian and foreign cars. The Indian Open championship sees Indian cars and bikes with Indian engines, while the unrestricted section is split into foreign cars, and Indian cars with foreign engines. A similar unrestricted section exists for bikes, while a separate category has been created for the vintage Yezdis.